China: Imperial Treasures and Natural Wonders

Be prepared for everything the city has to offer by packing versatile basics. Always carry an umbrella. In this subtropical climate, rain is often sudden and unpredictable. Opt for comfort over style when choosing your shoes. Keep in mind that winters in Chengdu can get cold. It also sees little sunshine this time of year.

Local Attractions

Very nice place with lots of expensive tea houses, restaurants and local snacks. Streets date from late Qing-dynasty style but are rebuilt recently. Free government wifi in this place. Can now be reached directly on Metro line 4. This square, overlooked by an enormous Chairman Mao statue in the center of the city, has been spruced up.

 · Chengdu is the gateway city to China’s western hinterlands, where the world’s pandas roam through bamboo forests and the Tibetan Plateau descends down to the valleys of China ://

Airbus A Flights to Chengdu Culture, cuisine and pandas: Fly to Chengdu with the A Famed for its delicious — and spicy! The area holds an incredible amount of history, art, culture, heritage, and areas of outstanding natural beauty are never far away. Lights in the sky: The Lantern Festival Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, over a thousand years ago, the Chengdu Lantern Festival celebrates the end of the Chinese lunar new year and takes place annually, usually in early February. The celebrations are enjoyed country-wide, but the biggest and best happen in Chengdu.

Officially the festival is a one-day event, but because of its popularity Chengdu extended the festival into a month-long party of acrobatic displays, folk-dancing, colourful lanterns and exquisite local cuisine try the yuanxiao, a delicious traditional dumpling. The Lantern Festival showcases ancient Chinese culture at its finest and is a must-see for any visitor to Chengdu.

The Dujiangyan Panda Base 50km outside of Chengdu lies the Dujiangyan Panda Base, a place that animal lovers — and panda lovers in particular — cannot afford to miss. Giant pandas are an endangered species and are considered a Chinese national treasure. Flower town is actually three neighbouring villages that function as one big flower market. Flower Town has that wonderful chilled-out feel that suits everyone. Relaxation, fine food and the fragrance of flowers, what a fantastic combination!

A Flights and Airlines to Chengdu.

In Chengdu, come for the pandas, stay for the culture and history

Names[ edit ] In Modern Chinese , the name Sichuan means “four rivers “, and in folk etymology this is usually taken to mean the province’s four major rivers: In antiquity, the area of modern Sichuan including the now separated Chongqing Municipality was known to the Chinese as Ba-Shu, in reference to the ancient states of Ba and Shu that once occupied the Sichuan Basin. Shu continues to be used to refer to the Sichuan region all through its history right up to the present day; a number of states formed in the area used the same name, for example the Shu of the Three Kingdoms period, and Former Shu and Later Shu of the Ten Kingdoms period.

The region had its own distinct religious beliefs and worldview.

What time is it in China? Find time, date and weather for China from an original source in online time reporting. Profile. Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Want to see the time in China compared with your home? Choose a date and time then click “Submit” and we’ll help you convert it from China time to your time ://

My essential China apps. Nearly all of the apps listed below are on Android as well, with the exception of the China Air Pollution Index app. Pleco Chinese Dictionary Pleco — the best Chinese dictionary This is the absolute best Chinese dictionary app you will ever find. There simply is no greater. Pleco is easy to use and includes features like color-coded characters which help you remember tones. If you study Chinese and have an iPhone save your time and skip every other dictionary and go straight to Pleco.

This app delivers that information in a beautiful interface, for free. It shows current air quality values for all major Chinese cities and gives you the option of displaying Chinese government data, US Consulate data, or both. At one time the pollution level dictated whether or not I wore my Respro mask, but now I wear it whenever I cycle anywhere. Ads appear inside this app, which can be removed by donating a dollar.

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Less than an hour away from Shanghai by train, Suzhou is known as a top tourist destination in China—worth visiting for a couple of days if you can fit it into your travel itinerary. So take a gondola ride through the canals and chill out with some tea as you listen to water babbling down the rocks and into the gardens before merging into peaceful frog ponds.

But still, the city is still attractively photogenic with plenty of these tourist-friendly gardens dotted around Suzhou to enjoy—about 60 remaining compared to their heyday when there were some privately owned gardens. Occupying a strategic position on the Grand Canal, Suzhou quickly became a major trading center for silk and other goods.

The longest canal in the world, the Grand Canal—like the Great Wall of China —was assembled over many years from smaller, existing pieces to facilitate commerce and war preparations. Locals like to point out that while the Great Wall was designed to prevent communication, the Grand Canal was intended to promote it. With the increased flow of trade, traders flooded in and set up shop in Suzhou.

Money continued to pour into the city and local merchants got crazy rich. And naturally, the nouveau riche expended quite a bit of energy keeping up with the Zhous.

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Meals and snacks will be provided on the plane. Day 2 Arriving Beijing When you arrive in Beijing, a Nexus Holiday local representative will meet and greet you at the airport. It is a true architectural masterpiece and home to the National Palace Museum. As a specialty of Beijing, “zhajiangmian” noodle with fried bean sauce is cooked by mixing noodles with vegetables and fried bean sauce.

Chop up and cook cucumbers, bean sprouts. Then prepare the fried bean sauce by first oil-frying diced meat with shallot and ginger, adding soybean sauce or sweet fermented flour sauce, and then further frying them. Stew the noodles, take them out of the boiler, pour the fried bean source on the noodles, and mix them with prepared vegetables.

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UTX — was recently awarded a contract to provide its elevator and escalator services to Wuhan Metro Lines 11 and Per the contract, Otis Electric is likely to provide elevators and escalators to Wuhan, bringing the total tally of Otis units on the Wuhan network to over 1, Wuhan Metro and Otis Electric have a long standing relationship dating back to , when Line 1 went into operation. Since then, Otis Electric has been the primary supplier of elevators and escalators in the city.

Wuhan is the capital of central China’s Hubei province.

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Farming and Sericulture Producing food by cultivating crops and raising animals was a most important step forward in the development of human history. Around 10, years ago, people moved from an economy of gathering to one of producing, and entered the New Stone Age. Before that, people maintained their lives by picking wild fruits and other plants, and hunting animals.

In order to look for food, they lived a nomadic life, but cultivation of grain crops made them settle down, thus the earliest villages appeared. Ruins of the New Stone Age can be found throughout China’s north and south. China was one of the first countries to see the emergence of agriculture. Finds at the ruins of the Hemudu Culture in Yuyao and the site of the matriarchal society at Banpo Village near Xi’an, which all date back 6, to 7, years, include rice, millet and spade-like farm tools made of stone or bone.

The spade was the most typical farm tool of that time. The Hemudu Culture site in particular yielded a large number of spade-like tools made from animals’ shoulder blade bones. Among the artifacts from the sites of the Peiligang-Cishan Culture in north China, millstones for husking millet are quite common. The Hemudu site, about 7, years old, was one of the earliest New Stone Age locations along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Archaeological studies have proved that the area of Hemudu at the time was covered under large tracts of marshland, providing suitable conditions for cultivating rice and developing farming. At the sites, indications of rice cultivation are in great abundance, as piles of rice grains, husks, stalks and leaves have been found there.

In some places, the piles were one meter high.

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