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When that caravan was stolen, our right to a happy retirement was stolen. Mrs McLelland is pictured by the caravan on an earlier trip before it was stolen Pride and joy: It will be the responsibility of you as the owner to start civil proceedings against the current occupier. But because officers did not have evidence that the current occupier knew the caravan was stolen when he allegedly purchased it, he could not be prosecuted and the force said it was unable to seize it. It was stolen from a secure storage site in Crookham, Hampshire, after thieves disabled the alarm and cut through a wheel clamp and lock. The couple’s caravan was stolen from this storage park in Hampshire in When the caravan was eventually found the couple were asked to provide proof of ownership, a logbook and photos. They learned that the family found living in the caravan had taken it all over the country before temporarily settling down ten miles away from them. If they wanted a caravan, why not save up for it like we did?

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Please contact us before hand or arrive between 10am-6pm so we can give you the access code, into the site. Please ring Phillip on or email phillip dobrudden. Camping at Dobrudden If you wish to camp with us, all you need do is visit the warden and you can set up camp immediately. We have hundreds of camping pitches, but you may want to ring and book in summer and on bank holidays. Dogs allowed by arrangement.

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Analysis[ edit ] The success of convoys as an anti-submarine tactic during the world wars can be ascribed to several reasons related to U-boat capabilities, the size of the ocean and convoy escorts. Submerged speed and endurance was limited and not suited for overhauling many ships. Even a surfaced U-boat could take several hours to gain an attack position. Torpedo capacity was also restricted to around fourteen Type VII or 24 Type IX , thus limiting the number of attacks that could be made, particularly when multiple firings were necessary for a single target.

There was a real problem for the U-boats and their adversaries in finding each other; with a tiny proportion of the ocean in sight, without intelligence or radar, warships and even aircraft would be fortunate in coming across a submarine. Conversely, a U-boat’s radius of vision was even smaller and had to be supplemented by regular long-range reconnaissance flights. For both major allied navies, it had been difficult to grasp that, however large a convoy, its “footprint” the area within which it could be spotted was far smaller than if the individual ships had traveled independently.

In other words, a submarine had less chance of finding a single convoy than if it were scattered as single ships. Moreover, once an attack had been made, the submarine would need to regain an attack position on the convoy. If, however, an attack were thwarted by escorts, even if the submarine had escaped damage, it would have to remain submerged for its own safety and might only recover its position after many hours’ hard work.

U-boats patrolling areas with constant and predictable flows of sea traffic, such as the United States Atlantic coast in early , could dismiss a missed opportunity in the certain knowledge that another would soon present itself.

M40 CRASH – 4×4 and caravan seen ‘driving wrong way’

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“Caravan of Love” is a R&B hit originally recorded by Isley-Jasper-Isley, the second half of The Isley Brothers’ 3 + 3 lineup of the s.

The Aero Mirror offered unrivalled stability at very high towing speeds. The Grand Aero Mirror offers all the benefits of the original Aero Mirror, plus the maximum view possible, combined with very high stability. As you would expect from Milenco, this is a very high quality product, manufactured with the best materials available.

In the Aero was updated to the Aero 2 design which gives even better view, especially at the extreme of vision. You may find if your mirrors are a few years old they may not fit the very latest cars, however the current production is continuously updated so that it does fit. On the Grand Aero, the head is the largest ever used on a caravan towing mirror, and has been designed to enable you to see the top and bottom of your caravan in order to avoid high level obstacles such as road signs or trees that can damage your caravan.

Award Winning Remember, when you are towing your caravan or any other trailer that is wider than the narrowest part of the rear of your vehicle, it is a legal requirement that you fit additional towing mirrors. These mirrors must be E-Marked Europe and Australia. Towing Mirrors – The Law The Law in the United Kingdom specifies you must be able to see clearly down both sides of the caravan, and see 4 meters either side of the caravan at a distance of 20 meters behind the rear of the caravan.

On tow vehicles pre dating this directive, the mirrors may project 20 cms further than the widest part of the caravan. Since 12th of December it is a legal requirement that you have type approved e-marked mirrors on both sides of the tow vehicle. All Milenco mirrors comply with the law, are type approved and correctly e-marked.

Cross Lane Caravan and Camping Park, Waddington

Payment due on first day. Departure time by 11a. Clitheroe castle has the smallest Norman Keep in the country. Inside the castle is Clitheroe museum, full of relics of local history.

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Touring Caravan Enquiry Motor Home Enquiry A Guide To Caravan Prices The value of a caravan can be very difficult to determine as there is very little information available to the general public, within the industry the only current supplier of guide prices is Glass Guide and they deem their prices for trade only. Within the industry we class there to be several prices for a caravan and we will explain the purpose of each below.

For the general public unfortunatly the only way to determine what a caravan is worth is to browse websites in an attempt to get a feel for current market values, yet this may not be an accurate way to get a true value of a caravan. This is a figure that the industry would use as a net value for a caravan and is used by dealers to determine a buying price of a caravan. We ourselves use this figure to purchase touring caravans from the general public, however we are unique in the industry as we carry an extensive database of values dating back to Our values take into account factory fitted options and dealer specials which are based upon a manufacturers standard product.

A part exchange price would normally be slightly higher than a trade value as a seller has a margin in the caravan they are selling. A good option can be to sell your caravan to National Caravan Buyer as we can pay more than a basic trade value leaving you to be able to negotiate a discount on the caravan you want to purchase and potentially spend less upgrading. A private sale price is normally slightly higher than a part exchange figure, this is assuming that the caravan is in good condition for it’s age and has been serviced regularly.

I’m Living the Dream – In a Static Caravan

Buying your own holiday home is a big decision. You want to find the perfect caravan or lodge in the perfect place to make the most of your precious holiday time for you and your family, for generations to come. The Lamb family live in and run this rather special, genuine, owners only caravan and lodge park.

TABBERT premium caravan And if you enjoy one our models such as ROSSINI, DA VINCI, PEP, VIVALDI, PUCCINI, CELLINI or CELLINI Slide-Out and you would like to purchase a caravan, then you can find a dealership near you with the requisite expertise.

Our caravan furnishing orders tend to be made from start to finish by one member of staff, as we find this gives them an interest in seeing the finished product as well as engendering a real sense of pride in the job. This way we are able to explain all the various options open to you and how these effect the overall cost of what you’re thinking of having done. We can show you examples of numerous foam types and thousands of fabrics. This is all done in a friendly, no-pressure manner by our staff, who are all non-commission, by the way!

If you’re happy to remove your cushions etc. We then do the reverse and send everything back to you when completed. Detail showing re-upholstered arms and cushions. Click image for larger view A caravan re-upholstered with one of our contemporary abstract upholstery fabrics. Click image for larger view One of our new semi-plain fabrics used to re-upholster a caravan that had begun to look rather ‘tired’! Click image for larger view Detail showing arm and cushions re-uplhostered in the same semi-plain fabric shown left.

Piping can also be added. However, buttons can be fitted at extra cost if you wish. Although lighter weight than our upholstery fabrics, they are still hard wearing. Click image for larger view An older caravan Re-Upholstered in Chartwell wine, adding many years of life to the ‘van.

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We currently have several on going projects relating to this including the cleaning and aeration of the pond, to which we added some fish in and since have all bred succesfully. A bat breeding project has been implemented with the help of the local Bat Conservation Group. We also have placed many bird boxes at various points around the caravan park. We would like to remind all our customers and future customers that we are a countryside park and efforts must be made to ensure that we are environmentally friendly to the surrounding countryside and wildlife.

Britain In Bloom Award saw us enter Britain In Bloom for the first time and we were delighted to be awarded a Silver Medal at the first attempt in the Best Caravan Park Category, this was followed in with a silver gilt award.

This is the home of Caravan Gossip. The YouTube Channel for The place to find all the latest news about Caravans & Motorhomes. Here y.

He made the mistake of braking which made the swerving even worse. If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 January you can drive a car or van up to 3, kg maximum authorised mass MAM towing a trailer of up to kg MAM You can tow a trailer over kg MAM as long as the combined MAM of the trailer and towing vehicle is no more than 3, kg You have to pass the car and trailer driving test if you want to tow anything heavier. But if you passed your car test before 1 January you’re usually allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8, kg MAM.

You’re also allowed to drive a minibus with a trailer over kg MAM. MAM is the limit on how much the vehicle can weigh when it’s loaded. It’s a busy road and it took him a while to get back on track. He was holding up an awful lot of traffic. As soon as summer comes round people come along with their caravans and they don’t really know how to tow. I’d say there’s about one caravan crash a month throughout summer.

He could have caused a very serious accident. What happened was very dangerous. If I hadn’t hit the brakes when I did or if there had been any cars coming up that outside late, the crash could easily have been fatal and at the very least life-changing.

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