Think you’re being emotionally manipulated? Here’s how to tell

Mississauga Life is a journey; make all of it count! Welcome or not, change is a fact of life. Change may pose some degree of threat to most of us, be it a life transition, loss, separation, etc. Whether you are at the crossroads of critical choices, in the midst of emotional despair suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, grief, or simply want to speak with a professional to sort through overwhelming issues, I am here for you. As your counsellor, I will provide the necessary support that you require to overcome your present challenges. You will be able to find light in tough situations.

10 Things You Should Know About Child Support

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Child support All dependent children have a legal right to be financially supported by their parents. When parents live together with their children, they support the children together. Parents who do not live together often have an arrangement in which a child lives most of the time with one parent. That parent is said to have custody of the child. Either way, the parent with custody has the main responsibility for the day-to-day care of the child and has most of the ordinary expenses of raising the child.

The other parent should help with those expenses by paying money to the parent with custody. This is called child support. Parents A parent can be the birth mother or father, an adoptive parent, or a step-parent. Who pays child support All parents have a legal responsibility to support their dependent children to the extent that they can. A parent with custody usually has most of the day-to-day expenses of child-raising, and may be entitled to receive child support from the other parent.

This entitlement to child support may continue even if the custodial parent remarries or starts to live with someone else.

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Here is how to spot emotional manipulation and how to deal with it. What is emotional manipulation? Mariyam Ahmed, a Toronto-based psychologist. It can reveal itself in various ways, but a key determining indicator of emotional manipulation is consistency.

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